our story


Vision One Naturals is on a mission to set the bar in the rapidly-growing industry through a direct relationship with our farmers. Vision One Naturals wants to change the conversation around CBD by promoting the positive and healthy lifestyle.



Vision One Naturals was founded in the foothills of Colorado. Living in Colorado has afforded us extensive knowledge of the benefits of hemp. It has also highlighted a clear need in the industry: the majority of companies don’t know where their hemp is coming from.


We aim to address this through (1) our unique practice of sourcing only greenhouse-grown hemp and (2) isolating the hemp specifically from the flower of the plant. This is the most important factor – and what sets our company and product line apart, as our CBD comes strictly from the flower of the plant which is where all of the medicinal properties are. Not to be confused with hemp oil (cannabis sativa) which is derived from the stems, seeds and the leaves.


In addition to our CBD, we take the time and care to specially formulate our products with all-natural botanical based oils and essential oils for our topical products, and adaptogen herbs for our tinctures.


Is it 3rd party tested?
Our powerful CBD is verified for its potential to produce high yields of cannabinoids. To guarantee consistent verifiable quality, our products are routinely batch tested by a third- party testing lab. Our testing methods ensure that our isolate meets stringent specifications. Our CBD exceeds industry standards and contains the optimal levels of natural bioactive compounds. (View Current Test Results Here)



As part of our testing and safety practices, our products come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) on every ingredient. You can rest assured knowing you are ingesting and applying safe, high quality products.


We use vegetable glycerin or MCT oil in our tinctures, naturally derived botanical based oils and essential oils for our topicals, and absolutely no animal products or dangerous chemicals. Furthermore, we choose ingredients that offer added benefit and direction for added potency and healing.


Every ingredient we use has a purpose: helping to bring the body into a state of balance and homeostasis – naturally.



Vision One Naturals was founded by Brian Lane and his daughter Katie Lane.


Their mission is to introduce people to the healing benefits of CBD derived hemp, and to inspire holistic wellness by designing and developing the highest quality CBD products available.


We lead the industry through our values of transparencysuperior quality, and sustainability.


We further set ourselves apart from our competition by being hands on every step of the way, from seed to finished product. We are not a multi-level marketing firm peddling white label products from overseas. We are a small family business dedicated to creating pure, quality products for holistic health and wellness and sustainability – sourced with integrity, made with love.